Developing transformative medicines for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases


Expecting More Out of Medicine

We design and develop innovative oral medicines against biologically validated targets in immunology for the treatment of chronic autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.

We are developing a growing pipeline of high-impact oral therapeutic candidates. Our lead program targets the IL-17 cytokine for psoriasis and other IL-17 mediated diseases.

Our Pipeline

DELSCAPE: A New Approach to Immunology

Currently available biologics have transformed the inflammatory disease landscape by targeting protein-protein interactions (PPIs) such as the binding of an inflammatory cytokine to its receptor. However, these medicines are not ideally suited for chronic treatment and face multiple challenges, including administration through injections or intravenous infusions and regular patient monitoring.

Our DELSCAPE platform is designed to identify selective oral small molecules that modulate these PPIs as effectively as systemic biologics – to deliver more convenient medicines to patients.


Pioneers in small molecule drug development

Our mission is to become an industry leader in creating transformative small molecule medicines for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. Our team has a passion for innovation and extensive experience in small molecule drug discovery and development.

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